Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips


Though current landscaping practices are tasteful and aesthetically pleasing, they are not always eco-friendly. You can save time and money, while protecting the environment, by using eco-conscious landscaping techniques. Some fundamental guidelines to environmentally friendly landscaping are avoiding unnecessary water consumption, limiting chemical use, and recycling yard trimmings. A different method of residential and large-scale endeavors is vital since every endeavor can leave an undesirable eco-footprint.
Balancing the ornamental beauty we desire with nature isn’t as difficult as it seems. By following some very smart and straightforward techniques, you can be on the right track into a greener future! [Read more…]

Unique Water Features For Your Pool


It takes years of practice and tons of trial-and-error in designing and building a water feature. Unique has our own waterfall specialists that can build freeform rock waterfalls to architectural columns with pots spilling water, or water sheers spilling into a pool. Unique can then match these features into your landscape design.

While the space and topography of the yard may limit the scope of some water features, budget is the biggest limitation. Rock waterfalls are the most expensive because they must run on at least one separate pump—and larger ones require several pumps, increasing the utility costs of the pool by 5 to 8 percent. [Read more…]

Unique Outdoor Kitchens


Outdoor kitchens can be enjoyed all year long! When family and friends are all outside hanging out, playing in the yard, who wants to go in to eat? Just cook outside in your outdoor kitchen and you don’t have to miss a thing!

Cooking outside has evolved beyond firing up the grill for some hamburgers and hot dogs served on a wooden picnic table. Now you can have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill and so much more! Your outdoor kitchen and dining space can be as intimate or as expansive as you want. [Read more…]