Pergolas, Ramadas & Patio Covers


Arizonans are constantly looking for ways to beat the heat! With swimming pools being the number one investment for those looking to cool off when it hits 100 degrees, you can bet creating shade follows a close second.

Unique Companies has many different ways of creating a covered patio. As licensed general contractors, we are one of the only landscape and pool companies that can legally build one of these structures with one of our custom landscape and  pool projects. We have many different types of structures available but the most popular are the pergola or a Ramada.
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Unique Swim Up Bars


I bet you thought swim-up bars were something only seen at resorts. It turns out, you might not be hanging out with the right crowd. Unique Companies can build bars nestled right up to your outdoor swimming pool. Why shiver when getting a refill on your beer, when you can have one in your hand after a couple strokes? [Read more…]