Create A Fall-Friendly Backyard


The fall is here! It’s time to think over some autumn decorations and outdoor features for your backyard. Use the tasty fall gifts for décor – pretty pumpkins, squashes and other vegetables. Also a slight hint at Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations are welcome too! Below you’ll find some cool fall friendly features that are a must have in your Arizona backyard. [Read more…]

Fall is the Best Time of Year to Build a Pool


Getting your pool built in the fall makes it accessible and ready to go once the warmer weather comes along. So, you don’t have to wait in the hot summer for your pool to be built. The autumn months are the best time to build a pool since you can pretty much guarantee less delays with more predictable weather especially in Arizona. Also by waiting until the weather starts to cool, you miss the height of pool-building season! [Read more…]

How to Clean Your Pool After a Storm


Here in Arizona, we’re fortunate to have pretty predictable weather on a regular basis.  However, in September, we get into the monsoon season.  High winds and rain can throw dirt and debris into your clean pool water.  Below are tips on how to clean a pool after one of these rainstorms or dust storms. [Read more…]