Staycation In Your Own Backyard – Resort Style Designs

Ultimate Staycation
Ultimate Staycation

Here in Arizona, we can enjoy the temperatures all year round. Many residents are choosing to have a staycation in their own backyard instead of taking a vacation to an expensive resort. Staycations come with plenty of perks. You don’t have to travel and you spend less, so why go far when you can live it up at home on your very own backyard staycation? Unique Companies have created relaxing, resort-style outdoor living spaces that are perfect for hosting parties or spending time with family. [Read more…]

Outdoor Sound Systems


In new homes these days, the backyard patio, deck or pool area can often be as elaborate as any inside space, sometimes incorporating a full kitchen, extensive seating and dining areas, and, of course, electronic entertainment. That means getting a sound system, normally enjoyed under the protection of a roof, safely outdoors. Unique uses outdoor sound systems from Origin Acoustics.

Advanced Sonic Design
Improving the way you experience sound has been the focus of the Origin team for over three decades. Their speaker designers and engineers have over 100 years of collective experience, have won hundreds of awards for their efforts and have invented numerous patented technologies that have dramatically advanced the art of sound reproduction. [Read more…]

Unique Pool Renovation Ideas


Is it time to update your old swimming pool? Maybe you moved into a house that already had a pool. Or perhaps you installed the pool years ago when styles and standards were different. Maybe you never got the pool you really wanted because your installation budget was limited.

Here are a handful of swimming pool renovation ideas to consider. Of course, if your pool has serious structural or equipment problems that need to be fixed, there‚Äôs probably no getting around a costly renovation project. These ideas are aimed at making an outdated (but still functioning) pool look nicer and operate better with a minimal investment. [Read more…]