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Unique Splash Pads
Unique Splash Pads

Splash pads are a popular way to cool the kids off!

Splash Pad in Gilbert
Splash Pad in Gilbert

Unique Custom Pools has quickly become one of the industry leaders in Custom Splash pads and Arizona splash parks because of our ability to do custom features & fountains (as a pool & spa contractor). Most splash pads are a KIT that comes with a few nozzles, a pump, maybe a timer. These splash park kits are relatively basic, and produce a decent product, with relatively plain outcomes. Our Arizona splash pads are truly custom-built and designed to fit your family, child’s needs and outdoor play habits.

Splash pads have become increasingly more popular in the Phoenix Arizona market because of its extremely safe way to have a backyard water park. Imagine letting your children just run outside and play in the water – and they will play for hours! Most pool builders specialize in large swimming pools and even play pools, which they deem “child friendly”, but nothing is as “kid friendly” as a splash pad with NO standing water, which means “no drowning hazards” for small children!

See one of our Splash pads in action!

See one of our Arizona Splash pads working!

How do Splash Pads work?

Splash Pad in Anthem
Splash Pad in Anthem

Our Arizona Splash pads are completely custom built backyard water parks, and we specialize in designing these splash pads to each individual project. Overall, a splash pad works by circulating water between an underground storage tank back to the play area, by means of a pump. This underground storage tank can be anywhere from 100 to 500 gallons (and more), and is sized to accommodate the size of the splash pad, the volume of water that the splash pad is running, and other construction factors.

A swimming pool pump & filter combination is the best way to design & build a splash pad because of the importance of water sanitation – remember, this water is being re-circulated like a swimming pool. Water quality is very important to kill all the bacteria, algae, and other contaminants that work their way into the storage tank. The pump runs this water through a filter, which removes large and fine debris from the water. This way, only clean, filtered water returns to the splash pad.

splash pad phoenix az

An example of the pool equipment & controls for our Splash Pads by Unique.

Next, most splash pads need a way to distribute the water differently to different areas of the splash pad play surface. This can be done by using mechanical gear valves or electronic actuator valves (most of the time is a standard irrigation control valve – the same valve that turns on and off your lawn sprinklers!). This allows for varying pressures, flows, and fountain effects in the splash pad – the fun part for the kids! Many other custom features can be installed on a splash pad project. We install custom fountain kits, waterfalls, slides, auto-fills (for the storage tank), wireless controls (to turn on & off), lighting, automatic chlorinators, custom surfaces, and more!) Backyard splash pads, because of their size tend to be smaller than some of the commercial ones, but it doesn’t have to mean they can’t be just as much fun!

splash pad phoenix, az

A large 450 s.f. splash pad in Chandler, AZ – Plenty of room for the kids to play!

The basics: A basic backyard splash pad is about 100 s.f. (10’ x 10’), and has a 100 gallon buried tank. It may also have a small re-circulating pump, possibly a filter, and method to turn the splash park on & off. That’s really all you need. The play surface can be concrete, pavers, or whatever material you desire (since it doesn’t have to be 100% waterproof!) Just make sure it’s NON-SLIP!

The upgrades: As our clients want to invest in a larger scale Arizona Splash pad for their kids, we start to get into some of Unique’s standard upgrades. These will include a larger play surface (usually 200 s.f. & up), a good pool pump & filter, mechanical timer, auto-chlorinator, auto-fill, and some custom fountains. This setup makes a standard splash pad much better, and much easier to maintain!

The “enthusiast”: Your kids will absolutely love you with a modest investment into your very own backyard water park! The custom Arizona Splash pad consists of all of the upgrades, and even a wireless remote to turn it on (parents don’t want to walk to the pump every day to fire it up!).

splash pad

Make sure your custom backyard splash pad is large enough! Most companies offer them starting at 100s.f. (which is 10’ x 10’). Most parents will find out soon enough that this is TINY for most kids! It doesn’t cost much more to make a splash pad larger – in fact, to double the size of the play surface, it should cost about 20% more (not 100%). Most of the cost is in the equipment, plumbing and installation – not the splash pad play surface.


Unique custom builds all of our Arizona Splash Pads just like our custom swimming pools. We use only the best plumbing & pool equipment. It’s professionally designed and planned to be optimized for each of our clients. Most of all, it’s been tested and proven by our very own kids!

The “UNIQUE” difference – After many years of perfecting our products, we have come up with the best possible way to construct many of our popular items. Here is how we differ from our competition when building our Arizona Splash Pads.

splash pad

An example of a splash pad under construction – each of the plumbing & pipes are exposed waiting for concrete.

• Design – We are custom pool & spa builders, therefore, we understand plumbing, hydraulics, fountains, and water maintenance. Who better to build your splash pad in Phoenix?

• Plumbing – Our AZ splash pads are built just like our custom swimming pools and spa – Custom pool plumbing, Schedule 40 PVC, Jandy flow control valves, and pressure-test prior to concrete.

This could be your next backyard splash pad!
• Pentair – Unique uses only Pentair Pool Products! Some of the best designed, tested, and engineered pool & spas products on the market.

• Warranty – We offer some of the best warranties on our equipment (3-years for Pentair), and our industry leading 3-year warranty on Splash Pads Complete!

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